Kristen Brody
February 18, 2012
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The Aviation Orange


The Aviation Orange is on the wrong coast. Their laid-back vibe and sense of humor is so not New York. The band’s soft spoken ways translate into sweet lyrics and pleasant melodies; making the perfect date night soundtrack. However, if you’re not a romantic don’t fret. The Aviation Orange’s album has a mix of sounds: indie, pop, rock and even some Motown flare.

The band stopped by Channel One to play a couple songs and chat with our staff. They discussed their mix of musical influences, shared inside jokes and heavily debated their collective love of karaoke.

Meet The Aviation Orange:

Joshua Harris is on drums and is definitely the jokester of the group. Harris wants his fans to know he’s a Cancer and often sings Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Harris claims that he’s only good at playing drums, but for some reason we don’t believe him.

Alexander Beninato is on guitar. Alex, as his band mates call him, always likes to be working on a new song. The creative flow of song writing keeps him sane he told us. And in case you were wondering Beninato would invite Paul McCartney to his next dinner party — if he could.

Mike Nesci is the band’s lead vocalist and fellow guitar player. Nesci is sort of the Papa Bear of the group—taking initiative, making decisions for the band. Mike’s nurturing ways probably stem from the fact that he’s the founding member of The Aviation Orange.

Kate Rogers strums on bass. Although she might be the shyest member of the group, Rogers isn’t afraid to get her karaoke on. Her go-to song is Blondie’s “Call Me.” Music is her all-time- favorite way to express herself.

Cherie Hannouche plays keys and sings. Cherie isn’t afraid to stand-out from her band mates. She doesn’t like The Beatles, she doesn’t drive the group’s car, and she doesn’t like to call their songs the right title…she prefers using the “secret” titles on stage.

– Kristen Brody

“Sunrise, Sunset”

“East of Here”

“Etch a Postcard”




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