February 28, 2012
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The Broken Numbers Band


Los Angeles-based The Broken Numbers Band came together a little more than two years ago and combined folk, rock and country into something not necessarily unique, but certainly all their own. Between the five of them, they play at least eight instruments, which you realize the moment you hear one of their songs.

It’s unsurprising, then, that they’re a sought after part of the Americana scene in L.A. and nearby, despite having only gone on small tours and releasing just one EP, so far. “We’ve all been playing forever, our whole lives,” explained Corey Lovett, in a phone interview. Lovett himself starting playing in his first band at 14 — something that he kept up until leaving his hometown, Ft. Collins, Colorado, at 18 for college. “Even though I’ve played my whole life, this combination has had the best reaction, and the most traction, as far as people wanting us to play.”

Their songwriting gets done, like many acts, as a group. “The initial structure of something is brought in by one person, but we think the point of a band is to BE a band,” shared Lovett. The band is lucky that a few of them work in the music industry, so they have access to studios and the luxury of spending time in them to sort out what they want everything to sound like. “It’s a blessing and a curse, because we have too much time at some points. The contributions of everyone else really matter. We’re also tough on ourselves as far as what’s passable.” Which means that the full album, which is now in pre-production, might be a while. That’s O.K. with us, as long as we can keep listening to the EP, which you can hear tracks from below. You can also keep up with their progress on the band’s Facebook page.

“Endless Racing”

“Hold On”

“Strange Street”

“Cowboy Killers”






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