September 11, 2012

The Bubble Ban


Last month, we told you about a proposal to put an extra tax on some sodas and sweet drinks in one California community. And that was nothing new. All summer long, New Yorkers have been debating a proposed ban on those same kind of beverages by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. And it seems everyone has an opinion on the issue. (Click here to read Jessica Kumari’s take.)

As our You Tell It reporter Ariel Glickman explained, young people today may be the first generation not necessarily expected to outlive their parents because of the epidemic of obesity in our country. Some health professionals agree with the mayor and think tighter controls on unhealthy drinks could contribute to a turnaround in obesity rates.

But others think the ban is silly – even if a 32 oz. beverage is banned, who’s to say you couldn’t simply buy two of the 16 oz. sizes? What’s more, Americans tend to have a strong reaction to being told how to behave by the government.

We want to know what you think. Vote in the poll and leave a comment to get your voice heard. You can also weigh in with a video by using your webcam or uploading it here. Be sure to include your first name, school and city if you want us to use your response on the show.


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