December 17, 2012
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The Darlings


Los Angeles-based alt rockers know how to be in the right place at the right time. In addition to multiple years playing the Vans Warped tour, they’ve had recent sucess in battle of the bands competitions and at the 2012 NAMM showcase. “It’s been such a blessing,” shared frontman Buddy Darling in a recent phone interview. Darling, who started playing music in the fourth grade, was “always into rock and roll,” but as he got a little older, he “moved on to punk — I started little bands of my own and started writing my own songs.”

On a trip to L.A., he met bassist Chris Kanes and The Darlings was born. “We’ve had different lineups, but that was pretty much us.” For the band, timing is one thing, but passion and songwriting skills have kept them where they are. Their songs are written together. “I’ll start on the skeleton of the song — but we’re likeminded in terms of wanting to be pure rock and roll. I like to be direct — darker — but not cheesy. We write about things you go through. It’s good to write about that stuff and sort of get it out there.”

In between regular west coast gigs, the band is writing new songs now. “It’s maybe not going to be a full album, but lots of singles.” To get a feel for their sound, check out the tracks here. You can also keep with them on their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

“Where Do we Go”

“Take Me Back”

“”Lets Roll”


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