The Front Line


Yesterday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced¬† a policy change that opens up more than 230,000 jobs to women in the military. Because of the long wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, many women have already been a part of forces on the front lines, including as medics, military police and intelligence offers. Eight hundred woman, including Illinois Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth have been injured, and 152 women have been killed. Senate Armed Services Committee chairman Senator Carl Levin told the AP that the move ?reflects the reality of 21st century military operations.”

But others object to the change, saying that particularly in infantry or elite, special-operations units, women are unable to meet some physical requirements necessary to perform the job.  Leaders have until 2016 to sort out the details of the decision, which will open up some jobs this year, but others, including the more elite commando positions, will take longer to potentially become available, and the physical requirements of those jobs will be taken into account.

We want to know what you think. Should women serve in combat roles? Vote in the poll and leave a comment with your thoughts. Be sure to include your first name, age and state if you?d like your response to be used on the show.

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