Christa Fletcher
July 24, 2013
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The Guggenheim Grotto


Imagine two Irish guys alone on the open road with nothing but their instruments, tour schedule and Chevy Cobalt. One never drives and gets to enjoy the sights, leaving the other behind the wheel the entire time. They’ve been on the road a few days now and they no longer have anything left to say. Comedy ensues. Sounds like the next Michael Cera movie plot, doesn’t it?

It’s also how Kevin May and Mick Lynch of The Guggenheim Grotto are spending their first time in America. When asked how they like the States, they can’t say much because the pair rarely gets to spend much time in each city before they are on to the next one for a show. “We’ve seen a lot of truck stops,” said Lynch. Great, truck stops. More fodder for the would-be film.

In fact, Lynch and May don’t even have hotel reservations — they’re just going with the flow and showing up for their shows ready to play. This easygoing approach seems to work really well for them, whether they’re jamming onstage with some witty banter in-between or making new friends and being offered a place to stay.

If there’s one thing you should know about The Guggenheim Grotto — it’s how quickly their music and their personalities — catch on. It only took two plays of the song “Fee Da Da Dee,” for me to not only realize I was interested in this pop-folk duo, but I also liked their music. (Did I mention that the closest thing to folk I’ve ever listened to is Jewel?)

It’s rare to find new music with a unique sound, creative lyrics and genuine charm. Yet, May and Lynch of The Guggenheim Grotto are two fellas you’ll want to see in concert repeatedly. Their music is feel-good and folk without being boring or outdated.

In person, their acoustic style combines with their pseudo stand-up routine, which makes for a lively show. On the album, the melodic folk is mixed with a bit of electronica, adding just the right amount of flavor.

So, just in case no one ends up making a big hit comedy out of their latest tour, you should go check them out in person! In the meantime, listen to their songs and click through their pictures below for a toe-tapping fun experience.

Fee Da Da Dee


Just Not Just

The Girl with the Cards

The Dragon


Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Would-be American Mascot: The Chevy Cobalt they rented for their tour.

On-Going On-Stage Joke: The different meanings behind their songs.

Cute Quirk: Their accents and Kevin's beanie, of course!



...Waltzing Alone (2005)

Told You So EP (2007)

Tigers (2008)

A Lifetime in Heat

Happy the Man (2009)


"Fee Da Da Dee" Lyrics:

I can’t direct the Universe
I can’t turn off the road and take a rest
I can’t go on for evermore
I can’t refuse the weight of intellect
I can’t avoid the hands of time
I wish her touch was of a softer kind
And if the world decides to melt
There’s nothing I can do to change her mind
Fee da da dee
(Imi Imi I think I’m getting it!)
Fee da da do
(Our heads are a haunt for the ghosts of alphabets!)
Fee da da dee
(Our hearts are tigers chasing tigerness)
Fee da da do
(Imi Imi I think I’m getting it!)
Take comfort in the willow tree
Resigned to what it can and cannot be
All you dreamers
Pockets full of sorrow
Life is elsewhere
Wishing for tomorrow


"Just Not Just" Lyrics:
So there’s this girl on a hill with a kite strapped to her back,
She’s crying “come on hurry blow (hurry), pick me up and throw me skywards”
She’s got a prayer in her mouth and she’s done all of the math
She’s got a feather for a heart but it still doesn’t guarantee her.
Cos not everything you run to wants you
(It’s just not just, it’s not just, it’s just wrong)
And not everything you love will love you
(It’s just not just, it’s not just, it’s just wrong)
So there’s this boy on a hill with a hammer in his hand
He’s shouting “Fire in the sky, come on turn me into something special”
And then a storm whips up and the heavens are alive
And he’s wearing copper shoes but it still doesn’t guarantee him
Cos not everything you run to wants you
(It’s just not just, it’s not just, it’s just wrong)
And not everything you love will love you
(It’s just not just, it’s not just, it’s just wrong)
It’s the tragedy of dreamers like me and you
(It’s just not just, it’s not just, it’s just wrong)

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