The Issues in Iowa


If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you know that something big went down in Iowa yesterday – the caucuses. They’re the first major event of primary season (even if it might feel like the season started sometime last winter).

The caucuses are a chance for registered voters to weigh in on who they think should be their party’s candidate in the presidential election in November. Since President Obama will be on the ballot for the Democrats, only the Republican candidates are a part of this year’s caucus. And even though the vote is non-binding – meaning any candidate can still win the actual nomination later in the year – the caucuses have historically been a good indicator of who will eventually win the nomination.

Along with seven candidates, there are a number of issues that voters are thinking about this year. For most people, however, there are usually one or two big issues that are most important during an election. This time around, for many it’s all about the economy. Others feel strongly that getting our military out of Afghanistan should be a priority for the country. For some students, parents and teachers, a good plan for education can make all the difference in their vote.

But we want to hear from you. Which issue most important to you? Vote in the poll and tell us! Be sure to leave your first name, age and state if you’d like us to use your answer on the show.

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