March 1, 2012
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The Kinected


In case you’re wondering, the band got there first. Though the idea behind the X-Box Kinect isn’t too far from the idea behind the The Kinected’s name (a combination of kinetic, as in energy, and connected, as in, well, connected), these four have been a band longer than the video game extension has been around, particularly since Alex Zapatier (guitar, vocals) and Ron Anthony (keyboard, vocals) are brothers. The south Florida-based foursome is rounded out by Mike B on bass and Marck Mangel on drums.

Their pop-rock-funk sound connects a lot of musical dots. In a phone interview with Ron, he listed funk, classic rock, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Depeche Mode and of course, The Beatles, as well as newer bands including The Killers and Neon Trees as influences. The songs themselves — you can hear three from their album, Evolution #9 here — were written mostly by Alex, but as Ron explained, “we’ve found a real musical kinship. They were produced in my home studio. The album is about a lot of things — romance and love, but there are also some sarcastic tracks and we hope that comes through. We think it’s important to have a message.” For them, that message is the idea of evolution. “I’m interested in reading and learning because once you stop evolving, that’s it.”

Keeping in that theme, Ron also stressed the value of education, even for a rock band. “All four of us went to school.” That said, “if you’re passionate about something, you need to pursue it. Life might make you want to stop, but if it’s a part of you, don’t.”
“Heart on Fire”


“Wait for You”




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