The Lightning Thief


Percy Jackson is a regular 12-year-old who has some typical, and not so normal things on his mind. The first is the fact that he struggles to stay out of trouble — and has been kicked out of more than one school. The only thing that can keep him occupied is Greek mythology, which turns out to be serendipitous when, on a trip with his mother, he discovers he is actually a demigod, the son of his human mother and father, Poseidon, ruler of the seas.

This is where his more unusual problem comes in. Soon after learning this new information about himself, he is charged with finding out who stole a bolt of lightning from Zeus, and his adventure begins. The modernization of the circumstances and characters of the Greek gods that fascinate Percy, and many readers, is irresistible, as is the page-turning action that is sure to keep even the most distractible readers coming back for more.

About the Author

Native Texan Rick Riordan was a classroom teacher in Texas and California for fifteen years before becoming a full-time author. The Olympians series, inspired by a bedtime story he first created for his son, was his first attempt at writing for kids after a few years as a successful and award-winning adult author. He is currently at work on a new series based on the Egyptian pantheon.

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