Karen Knapstein
November 21, 2013

The Lost and Found Department

If you’ve ever lost anything (and who hasn’t?), you might want to give this idea for the next big thing a closer look. The Tile App uses technology to keep track of stuff.

You just attach a tile to something you want to hang on to (like your keys, or your phone, or your backpack or your car in a parking lot), and if it goes missing you use the app to track it down. Of course, all of this assumes you’ve managed to keep track of your phone…but you wouldn’t do that, would you? The app will even help you find something that’s been stolen using signals from other tiles to target a location. And at less than $20 each, the tile is also affordable, especially when you’ve attached it to something valuable, like a computer.

We want to know what you think. Is the abolishment of Lost and Found departments the next big thing? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think.

183 comments on “The Lost and Found Department

    1. Tre McGowan

      I think it is because if someone was to steal your purse and or your car you can call the police and lead them to the stolen item that was stolen from you.

    2. Justin Wallace

      I think it should defiantly be the Next Big Thing because so many people in the world lose their belongings and this “tile” can help us tremendously with finding our lost belongings.

    3. Jonathan Carrey

      This definitely has to be the Next Big Thing. This app could be the most effective way of finding your phone. This could give you an exact location instead of the area where it may be located. I’d be very surprised if this app doesn’t become popular.

    4. Avani

      I loose things a lot, especially my phone so I think the tile is a really good idea. If you loose something you can easily find it with the tile. It is neat how the tile can ring too. I can just download the app on all of my devices and I won’t have to worry about loosing things.

    5. christyna-reagan

      soooo clever… I am always loosing things like my ipod so it would be helpful….wish it showed it on a map though…

  1. Kenny

    I’ve seen this before and obviously it’s the Next Big Thing. It’s awesome, now if you lose anything you can find it like that. So far NO ONE has voted for “No,” that jusst goes to show this truly is the Next Big Thing.

    1. Grace

      People will not loose things as much any more and it works for anything all you have to do is download an app it will do the rest for you.

        1. stephanie

          i think it might be a no i mean u should be responsible for your stuff….if u dont wanna loose it dont bring it……cx steph

  2. Ashley Holliman

    I say yes because a lot of people lose their things and this app could be something that could help us change that!!!

  3. paul

    this sounds like the thing for me and i think this could help everyone that loses something easily and takes for ever to find like if your parent lost their car keys they can find it using the app and tile that’s hooked up to your car keys.or someones stolen your purse and you had your phone in your pocket and their just tell the police where the thief is and get you stuff back that’s been stolen

  4. Annabeth

    This is Fantastic…No more scrambling around in the morning searching for my keys. Then I just might make it to school on time.

  5. Gabbi

    I think this would be awesome because I’m always losing things like my phone, books, and everything else in between. This will be awesome!! And extremely helpful!!

  6. jerzie eagle

    This will really help me I lose my stuff all the time and most of it is really important. This is the next big thing to me.

  7. Regan Cull

    I think that this new tile app could be pretty useful. My little sister looses her stuff all the time and i think she could use one.

  8. angelica

    I really think its the “Next Big Thing” because I loose my phone a lot and I always whished that there was an easier way to find it.

  9. mark silva

    it would really help because i lost my phone once and i wouldve never have found it if this guy wouldve never have called my cousin

  10. Brayan

    This doesn’t sound safe if your phone is stolen. Police can already track down stolen phones, and that would be better.

  11. Kristine

    While I think this could be extremely useful it could also be dangerous in the wrong hands. A predator could “bump” into you or place it in/on one of your belongings and track your whereabouts at any time. This device just makes doing so much cheaper and easier to get ahold of .

  12. Nathan Keegan

    Yes, because the tag could be very useful to things you’ve lost and having the tag would solve lots of problems

  13. Krysten

    The tile is a great use of finding things it would be great for my mom because she is always losing her keys or her wallet

  14. Iule

    It’s easier with a phone because phones ring. However, what happens with your glasses, or homework? If this thing actually comes out, I’m getting one for my mom. She looses a lot of things. Even if it’s a little pricey, it’s worth it.

  15. Lucero

    Definitely. I lose things ALL the time and this is something I could really use! The Next Big Thing is Tinier Than Imagined.

  16. Paige Sobelman

    Yes I lost a million things in my life so I understand.I know the new app will work.So it is the next big thing!:)

  17. The Yellow Jackets (Sidney High School)

    I can find my stuff!
    I lose stuff easily …. this will be a huge help!
    I think it will be useful to some people. :)

  18. H.c

    We’ll some things are very valueble so you really don’t want to lose it so the little tracker would be very usefull.

  19. Emily

    No, because it can just slip of easily, so for instance if someone stole your phone all they had to do was slip it off and put it somewhere and then you would never find it.

      1. mackenzie

        no one that didn’t invent it could hack it only the people who invented it could and they wouldn’t do that cause they made something that could help people not buy something again that they lost and that will be a waste and a lose of money,, idiodt

  20. Alexis

    I think this is an amazing idea. I need to use it for my phone. I lose it so much. They should make it like a sticker, so I can put it on my glasses. I lose them a lot.

  21. Cole-Grabe

    I think it would be good for the USA and other countries that lose their things. I lose things almost all the time but after a day or two I find them. so yes its the next big thing.

  22. Jenah Charlson

    I think the tag is the next big thing because I have lost like hundred jackets and it could be really helpful. :)

  23. Ashely Sanders

    I think this is a really good idea! I lose stuff all the time, and it would really me! If a robber took something just activate the little device and you can see where they are or headed!!

  24. Jocelyn

    I find this very useful! Everyone loses something once in a while, and it’s frustrating not to find it! Definitely, this is the next big thing!☺

  25. jazmyne-olson

    this is awesome because I keep losing my wallet in my room and I’m still trying to find it!!!
    so I say its the next big thing.

  26. Kayla S.

    SO COOL!!!!! That is a HUGE problem-solver for a lot of people, we have all lost something or some of us have had something stolen, now, we have invented a really cool way to fix that problem. :-| #)

  27. anonymous

    It COULD be the next big thing, but it’s also an invasion of privacy, as we don’t know what information the Tile App is taking. Yes, it’s conspiracy theory time. :P

  28. Bella

    Yes, I do think this is a useful product because people lose things on a daily basis and if you ever lost something important it would be useful.

  29. Shai-Anne Settle

    I think it would be a good idea because 1. if someone steals your phone and you borrow someones phone and hey have the app you can sign in and track down your phone. And 2. if you are very known to lose anything (like me) all you have to do is launch the app on your phone and boom! You can find whatever you are looking for if you place the tile on anything you lose often.

  30. Anna o'steen

    I think that this will be a good thing because I lose stuff all the time, the only thing I’d be worried about is someone tracking me down and stealing the tile and my phone.

  31. Brinn

    I definitely think that the tile will be the next big thing. It is not very pricey and it will help people which is even better!

  32. Bronson

    This is a great idea if you were to loose something or it gets stolen you have that right there on whatever you’ve lost it will teach those theves!

  33. Bronson fife

    This is a great idea if you were to loose something or it gets stolen you have that right there on whatever you’ve lost it will teach those theves! So I personally think it’s a great idea

  34. Hannah keeton

    this the next big thing my bother Isaac loses everything, and it is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Sarah

    I think it would be a good thing because if you lose something, you can find it quick, but also I think it’s not a good thing because sometimes it could be too late if something was stolen.

  36. Pelesasa-Tiapula

    I hate it when I lose stuff. Especially important stuff like my id card for school or books that I read. Hearing about the “Tile”, I want it so bad now! I would never lose anything ever again! Even me being a messy person! Whoever came up with the “Tile” is a genius!

  37. Aaron

    I think “Tile” may really be helpful/effective because I have many devices and
    can’t keep track of all of them at once

  38. mackenzie

    I think it is the next big thing. you wont have to go and buy a new electronic if it gets lost, and I lose stuff all the time even at school I cant wait till it comes out I won t lose my phone, kindle, my psp, my nintidoe 3ds xl, my purse, my knife, computer, and any other electronics of mine

  39. Brianna

    I think the ’tile’ is a great idea, we all lose our stuff all the time. Thank you whoever thought of the ’tile’!!!

  40. Alyssa B.

    I think this is a great idea. People lose things on an everyday basis, so I think an app to help locate lost items is going to really help people out. This I think is 100% the next big thing. I know I would get the ” Tile “!

  41. logan o

    i think it would be cool because i lose my stuff al the time and I can probably hook it up to my computer or phone so cool :)

  42. Amanda Brown

    (: I always loose my Kindle and It would be nice if I could keep track of it. Plus If your phone gets left somewhere and you have the app in your phone then you can track it! :)

  43. miranda nance

    I would love to use this especially on my phone in case I lose it, I wander why scientists didn’t make this earlier.
    love , miranda

  44. Jordan Byrd

    this would be a great things for people who loose stuff a lot. Like your phone, keys, and or sometimes your kid. So yall shall come out with it. It would be cool to have it. LOVE your friend, Jordan byrd

  45. angel kitchens

    How could someone not want this we all loss thing so why not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. hannah d

    I think this is a cool product because we all lose things but couldn’t someone take it off of the object you have it on , if that happens it is no use and you just wasted a lot of money.

    1. Kaela

      You’re kind of right, but what if you put it somewhere on the item were they can not find it? But you have a reason why its bad.

  47. hailey goff

    I think its a bad idea , because what if someone knows that your tracking the item that is lost or stolen they could always SMASH it or HIDE it and know one will know were it is .

    1. Amber

      Why did you say that? Now all thieves on here will search for it first. Still good to have thoguh if you think about it. Maybe it DOESNT come off though. :D

  48. Elijah-Hill

    If you lose like for example your iPod that you or your parents bought you can have a locating device downloaded to it. And for girls :your purse. You probably keep your wallet and phone in it No need to worry!! Use this new invention

  49. Jimmy -Carter

    Well, there are plenty of apps of that kind of subject of ‘lost and found’. If people have the app, they won’t develop a way to obtain and enhance responsibilities.

  50. amber wilson

    i think this is the next big thing because i love to lose things and it drives me insane i would want this to be the next big thing

  51. Madison

    Yes, I think the Tile app is the next big thing!!!! How many times have you list something? That will happen a lot less if you have the tile app. Who is with me NEXT BIG THNIG, NEXT BIG THING, NEXT BIG THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. michael queen

    what if the item with it was stolen and then the stealer takes it and knows what it does and throws it away, you lost him and the item.

  53. Jolly Rancher

    Y E S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all need this especially when we loose the important things like keys phones. I think this is the NBT


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