March 22, 2013

The NBT: 3Doodler

Is a pen that brings your doodles to life the next big thing?

Scott: Last week, we told you about Luci, the solar powered inflatable lamp. Now, did you think it was the next big thing? Yes, you did!

Ninety percent of you said, “Yes, light me up!” But ten percent of you said, “No. That’s a turn off.”

Now, if you want to use that lamp when doodling when you are bored, you might just think that this is the next big thing!

Imagine having a pen that can actually draw in three dimensions. That is the promise WobbleWorks is making to people who have donated to the company’s Kickstarter campaign for the 3Doodler.

The pen works a bit like a hot glue gun. You plug it in and it heats up the plastic that travels through the body of the pen. The plastic cools quickly and then hardens so users can create 3D sculptures, pictures and words. You can even use the Doodler like a glue gun to weld things together.


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