March 7, 2014

The NBT: Blizzident


Scott: Now, you might like our thing this week if you are like me and you get bored while brushing your teeth. I mean, sometimes you just want to go to bed, right? But before we get to that, let’s see what you thought about last week’s idea.

We told you about the Buzzy Mini for your next doctor’s visit. It is a combo of cold temperatures and quick vibrations that is meant to distract your body and brain while you get a shot.

So is the Buzzy Mini the next big thing? Sixty-five percent of you said, ‘Yes, buy me a Buzzy!’ But thirty-five percent of you said, ‘No, buzz off!’

Need to shave some time off your morning routine? Well, a new toothbrush claims to brush your teeth, tongue and gums, and floss all at the same time, and in seconds.

First, the Blizzident creates a 3D model of your bite after you have a dentist take an impression of your teeth. Then you just bite down on the Blizzident then grind and chew, and 800 tiny bristles lining the inside of the mouthpiece do all the work.

The company says just six seconds with Blizzident is like three minutes of regular tooth brushing… All for about 300 bucks.

So what do you think? Is Blizzident the next big thing? Well, head to and vote.


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