January 18, 2013

The NBT: Bossaball

Is this bouncy version of volleyball the next big thing?

Last week, we got a look at a prototype smartphone built with flexible OLED technology that makes it bendable. So, is it the next big thing?

Eighty-two percent of you said, ‘Yes! Bend it my way!’ But eighteen percent of you said, ‘No thanks. Send it away.’

This week, we are getting into a new type of team sport that just might be the next big thing.

Bossaball is part volleyball, part soccer and part gymnastics. And it is played on a huge inflatable court with trampolines.

Two teams of three to five players battle it out, jumping, flipping and kicking to return the ball. Like volleyball, the ball has to land on the opponent’s side to score. But in bossaball, any part of the body can be used. And as many as six touches are allowed on each side of the field. However, you can only use your hands once, and your feet and head twice, before another player has to touch the ball.


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