January 25, 2013

The NBT: Cardboard bikes

Are these green, inexpensive bikes the next big thing?

Scott: Last week, we told you about a bouncy new sport called bossaball. So, is this the next big thing?

An overwhelming 92% of you said, “I’d flip for that!” While 8% of you said it “falls flat.”

Now for this week, we are taking cycling to a whole new recyclable level. We have come across a bicycle completely made of cardboard, and it is sturdier than you might think. This bike can actually hold as much as 485 pounds even though it weighs only a third of a normal bicycle. It is 100% recycled, right down to the rubber tires. The material needed to make this bike costs just $9. And if this cardboard bicycle breaks, you can just recycle it! The bike is expected to sell for about $20.

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