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November 7, 2013

The NBT: Chicken vs. Egg


Scott: What do you know! It is that time again! I know you have been waiting, so let’s get right to the Next Big Thing.

Last week, we told you about the world’s thinnest keyboard. So, what did you think? Is it the next big thing? Eighty-two percent of you said, ‘Yes, it is the best thin ever!’ But eighteen percent said, ‘No, this idea just is not strong enough.’

And this week’s Next Big Thing is from a group of UC Davis students who thought of a way to kick start a chicken’s egg-laying process. It is called the Henlight, a tiny solar-powered LED light for a chicken coop.

It is no secret to farmers that light helps chickens lay more eggs. And every winter when there is less light, there are fewer eggs. The inventors say the addition of the Henlight helps chickens produce 80% more eggs. And because it is solar, it is all for no extra cost to the farmer.

Emily Sin: It is meant to stimulate the photoreceptive cells in the chicken’s brain.

Scott: So, is a light in the henhouse the next big thing? Well, head over to and tell us what you think and don’t forget to vote.


9 comments on “The NBT: Chicken vs. Egg

  1. Nicholas-Bryant

    It’s not the next big thing because you don’t need to rush the chicken to lay an egg just do it the old fashion way

  2. Rylie-Doherty

    I think Chicken vs Egg is the best idea ever!!!! and plus it helps farmers not needing to light the hen house all winter its soalar!! whats better than that??

  3. Avani

    I think that this is a great idea because the more eggs we have, the prices of eggs will decrease, especially in the winters since we don’t have a lot of sunlight during that time of year. Also, farmers can save money because they don’t have to pay for the electricity because this is solar powered.

  4. kayla sherwood

    I dunno if the chicken light is the next big thing, I mean, it’s only for the farmers, isn’t it? i guess it could help us out in the winter, but i think that is more of a solution for farmers in the winter than ” THE NETX BIG THING” :P


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