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February 7, 2014

The NBT: Edible Password


Shelby: We are about to rap up the week! But before we get to that, we have got a Next Big Thing for you! First, let’s see how you felt about last week’s.

We told you about the HAPIfork, a high-tech fork that monitors how fast you are eating and warns you when you are eating too quickly. You guys felt pretty split about this one.

Fifty-six percent of you said, ‘Yes, slow me down!’ But forty-four percent of you said, ‘No, chow down!’

It can be tough to memorize all those tricky passwords we have these days. So, what if, with just a tiny, little pill, you never had to remember one ever again?

It is a teeny, tiny pill with a microchip inside. And after you swallow it, the acids in your stomach turn it on. The chip holds your passwords and sends info to a sensor, a sticky patch you wear. The patch then sends your password info to your tablet or phone. And poof! You are a walking password vault.

Officially called ‘the digital health feedback system,’ it was originally supposed to be used to monitor your health. But soon you might be able to use it as the ultimate password keeper.

So, could the edible password be the next big thing? Tell us what you think about the digital health feedback system by voting over at


10 comments on “The NBT: Edible Password

  1. Mrs. Desaulniers' homeroom

    It’s stupid. What happens when you poop it out? You have to buy a new one and start all over again.

  2. Mrs. Goodman's class

    We hate this. Just write stuff down and remember it. Or forget it. It’s not the end of the world.

  3. Daniella pupo

    This is so dumb you don’t even know if that can give other information away. Anything I have to swallow is a NO NO for me.

  4. jessalynn

    I disagree with taking the pill, you never know if the pill can be trasfer through others, for an example if someone steals your phone they can get into things on your phone.

  5. Kane-Roberts

    I’m hearing a lot of negative feedback, however, not about the issues of it, only personal preference.
    No, it won’t dissolve in the stomach acid. Some things can not be digested by the human stomach. It will not blow up simply due to malfunction. Take apart your computer. Do any of these parts look like something combustible? There’s also nothing to give it a concussive force of any kind.
    Sorry for getting political and paranoid, but what about tracking? Invasion of privacy?
    There are both good sides and bad to every new piece of technology.


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