May 25, 2012

The NBT: Floating Cities


Jessica: This week we are talking about floating cities. Yup. It’s cities that can float. California’s Seasteading Institute says it has the ultimate idea for the future — countries built on the ocean!

The floating cities are modeled after oil platforms, and the creators say that the platforms will remain very stable, even during the worst sea conditions. These nations won’t just be cutting edge with the latest technology. They will be long-lasting, self-governing cities designed as places for research and creation.

“There is no one kind of government for everyone. There is no one ideology for everyone and so if there was a new space to start governments, we would see an ideal society for everyone. But there is no more land. However, 70% of the world’s surface is covered by ocean and it is unclaimed, it’s international waters. So, the Seasteading Institute strives to create new countries floating in international waters.”

Jessica: Much of the technology to build these floating cities already exists, so the institute says with help from wealthy donors, the floating cities dream could eventually become a reality.


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