February 14, 2014

The NBT: Fly Away


Maggie: Alright, next up, we have got a new twist on an old favorite in our Next Big Thing. But first, let’s see what you guys thought about last week’s.

We told you about an edible chip that turns you into a walking password. Is it the next big thing? Twenty-one percent of you said, ‘Yes, entirely edible’. But a whopping seventy-nine percent of you said, ‘Nope, that’s a hard pill to swallow’.

Now, I am sure you have made one of these before, but this week we have got an upgrade for you.

Toymaker Tailor Toys says goodbye to your old paper airplanes. The PowerUp smart paper airplane has an electric rudder and propeller. Using Bluetooth and a smartphone app, you can fly the paper airplane until its battery dies. The battery lasts for ten minutes and you can charge it with a micro USB cable. If you are not the best pilot, Tailor Toys says the PowerUp is durable enough to handle a few crashes.

So what do you guys think? Is this…Nope, not this. Is the smart paper airplane the next big thing? Tell us what you think and vote over at


11 comments on “The NBT: Fly Away

  1. tycen cooper

    I think this a great idea, I just want to be able to fly longer than 10 minutes at a time. What if your smartphone dies while flyng. Then you can kiss it goodbye.

  2. amaya hayes

    yes i think this is a good idea because i want to fly a paper air plain for more than 2 seconts but ten minutes work just fine .

  3. Jessie Garcia

    A-yo check my flo this my paper airplane about to go, oh no, you be like whoa, we gonna take flight this thing is so cool its outta sight, my paper airplane is gonna be cool yo this is jessie coming to you from the asu prep school


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