January 31, 2014



Scott: We have got an interesting, high-tech new way to watch what you eat. But first, let’s see what you thought about last week’s Next Big Thing.

We told you about Tabby, a do-it-yourself car you can design and put together. So is the DIY car Tabby the next big thing?

Seventy-seven percent of you said, ‘Yes, that’s my ride!’ But twenty-three percent of you said, ‘No, pass me by.’

How many of you are the type that just shovel food into your mouth and before you know it, all of the food on your plate is gone? Well, experts say that kind of fast eating can lead to weight gain and digestive problems. But that is where this week’s Next Big Thing comes in handy.

If you eat way too fast, HAPIfork could be for you. The $99 fork alerts you with lights and a quick buzz or vibration when you need to slow your chompers down. Also, it can track your eating habits. You can upload the data to your online dashboard or to an app on your iOS or Android device.

So what do you think? Is the high-tech fork the next big thing? Well, cast your vote over at and tell us what you think.


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