October 4, 2013

The NBT: Helmet Head


Maggie: Happy Friday! It is time for our first Next Big Thing of October. And this one is just in time for football season. But first, let’s see what you thought about our pitch from last week.

We told you about the Soccket, the soccer ball that gets charged up each time you kick it. So, is it the next big thing? Eighty percent of you said, ‘Yes, let’s kick the ball around!’ But twenty percent of you said, ‘No, this light is bound to burn out.’

This week, we are talking head gear. Protection is always a good thing, especially when it comes to high-contact sports. This week’s Next Big Thing is all about just that.

Just in time for football season, Guardian Caps may be coming to a school near you. It is a soft-shelled helmet cover that attaches with straps. Tests say that the helmet reduces the force of impact by as much as 33%. However, experts and the creators of Guardian Cap want to remind you that nothing can reduce or eliminate the risk of concussions. Use of the helmets have been controversial, but some schools have started using them.

Coach: We’re confident that having that extra layer will just provide a little more protection for our players.

Maggie: So, what do you think? Is a helmet for your helmet the next big thing? Head on over to to cast your vote.


6 comments on “The NBT: Helmet Head

  1. Ash

    I understand why people want more protective helmets but if someone wants to join football or any contact sport then really its their own risk.

  2. Brittany

    Well it’s kinda the football players choice to play and they want to play with how the helmets are already made so my vote will be no!!

  3. Jon-Tennant

    i think it is a good idea, but as others said, you enter sports like that at your own risk. However, I think that every layer of protection that you can get is good.


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