February 8, 2013

The NBT: iPhone Glove

Are gloves that connect to your phone the next big thing?

Julian: Last week, we showed you an all-in-one tool that actually fits in your wallet. I know I want one, but what do you think? Is the Pocket Monkey the next big thing? Eighty-two percent of you said, “Yep, pocket that monkey!” Eighteen percent of you said, ‘No, get this monkey off my back.”

Now, it is going to be chilly out there in a lot of places this week. Well, we found something that will help you make a call in the cold.

The hi-Call uses Bluetooth technology to transfer information wirelessly from your phone to a microphone located in the glove’s pinky and to the speaker tucked into the thumb.

One simple hand motion and you are able to answer your calls without having to take off your gloves!

The battery lasts up to ten days on standby and twenty hours in conversation.


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