April 26, 2013

The NBT: Leap Motion

Is a computer you control with just your hands the next big thing?

Scott: We told you about a billboard in Peru that collects humidity from the air and turns it into drinking water. You guys sure thought it was the next big thing. Ninety percent of you said, ‘I’ll drink to that!’ And ten percent of you said, ‘that idea’s washed up.’

And now, this week we are looking at a hands-off solution for operating all your gadgets.

Say goodbye to mice and controllers or even touch screens with Leap Motion. Anything you want to do on a computer you can do with your hands, whether it is writing, video games or navigating the web, just use your hands.

Your hands could be in control of Google Earth, or even some Angry Birds. You can even take out the enemy by just pointing a finger.

You can start looking for Leap Motion to be sold with some computers this summer.


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