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May 2, 2014

The NBT: Personalized Parking


Shelby: Alright. You know what time it is. Let’s get right to your Next Big Thing! First, let’s check out what you thought about last week’s.

We told you about plantable paper and cards that are made of seeds and ground up paper products. You can choose paper made with seeds from wildflowers, herbs, even vegetables. Bury it, water it and watch it grow!

So, is plantable paper the next big thing? Well, you guys liked this one. Eighty-five percent said, ‘Yes, I’ll grow it!’ Fifteen percent said, ‘Nope, throw it!’

These days it is all about personalizing everything – your shoes, your lockers, even your phone. But what about personalizing your own parking space?

No more searching for a parking spot. Students at Elkhart Central High School can get a reserved spot and even personalize it.

School administrator: It’s just a chance for the kids to personalize their space. They know where their space is.

Shelby: All they have to do is pay for a permit that costs $30 a year and the spot is theirs. They can decorate it any way they want, painting logos, designs and messages within reason.

Student: Some people are doing stuff from maybe their childhood or what they’re in. I know a friend of mine did something from Drum Line since he’s with the marching band. And I’m doing something from my favorite movie Star Wars.

Shelby: It brings in money for the school, and students say they like having something that’s theirs.

Student: Even though it’s something little, like a parking spot, I think it’s really cool because it’s just one more thing about this building that makes it feel seem much more like a home because you own that parking spot.

Shelby: So, what do you think? Is personalized parking the next big thing? Go to and vote.


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