February 1, 2013

The NBT: Pocket Monkey

Is this pocket tool the next big thing?

Friday, Friday, Friday. What do we do on Fridays? Oh yeah, the Next Big Thing! Last week, we told you about an inexpensive, ecofriendly cardboard bike. But did you think it is the next big thing?

Seventy-two percent of you said, “Yeah, let’s recycle it!” But twenty-eight percent of you said, “Nope, it’s garbage.”

Now, monkey’s aren’t something you usually want lying around the house. But for this week’s Next Big Thing, we have a monkey that you will enjoy having in your wallet – a Pocket Monkey!

Any boy scout will tell you that a multitasking device like a Swiss Army knife is handy. But carrying around all those steel blades, screwdrivers and scissors is bulky.

That is what makes the Pocket Monkey so different.

This metal wonder weighs in at about half an ounce. And it is just a millimeter thick, so you can slide it into your wallet. The Pocket Monkey has 12 different functions, including a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a fruit peeler and a wrench.

The Pocket Monkey was launched on the creative funding website Kickstarter. It is now selling online there for $12 apiece.

So, will this all-in-one tool solve all your troubles? Tell us if it is the next big thing by voting at


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