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December 20, 2013

The NBT: Powerwalking


Scott: It is time for the last Next Big Thing of the year! I know, it goes so fast, doesn’t it? Well, let’s see what you thought about last weeks’.

Last week, we told you about a flying car. So are they the next big thing? Eighty percent of you said, ‘Yes. Up, up and away!’ But twenty percent of you said, ‘No, I like my feet on the ground.’

Now this week’s Next Big Thing brings a whole different meaning to the term powerwalking.

A British company, Pavegen, is taking the kinetic energy that you naturally generate when you walk to produce power. Pavegen put down 24 tiles at a British school, and when the students walk over the tiles, they generate electricity that is used to power lights in their school. The company says the amount of energy generated over a year by just those 24 tiles could fully charge 853 cell phones!

The tiles are made from recycled truck tires and concrete. They store the power within connected batteries or create energy to be used instantly. The company says the tiles can also be used to charge smartphones and transistor radios.

So what do you think, is hallway energy the next big thing? Well, head to and vote, and don’t forget to tell us what you think!


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