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August 30, 2013

The NBT: Project Loon


Shelby Holliday: Thanks Lissa. Up next, what in the world is Google doing with balloons? We’ll see if you think it’s the Next Big Thing!

Are you ready for a double dose of good news? It’s Friday, and it’s time for the Next Big Thing!

But first let’s take a look at what you thought about last week’s pitch. We showed you a new technology that lets you feel what you’re seeing. Is it the Next Big Thing?

Seventy two percent of you said yeah, feeling is believing! But twenty eight percent of you said no, it doesn’t feel right.

Now this week, some countries around the world can’t afford to have internet of their own, but lucky for them Google may have a solution that could lift their spirits.

It’s a project trying to bring internet to the entire world. Google’s Project Loon sends helium balloons into the stratosphere, and from there, the balloons provide internet coverage similar to a 3G phone. The Google balloons – which span nearly fifty feet in diameter — are sent into the stratosphere, where they can sail using air currents.

Your computer connects to each balloon, which in turn connect with each other, and the local internet provider creating a “network in the sky.” The network of balloons currently being tested in New Zealand can provide internet in a radius of 25 miles.

So are Google balloons the next big thing?


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