August 16, 2013

The NBT: Secure Phone


Maggie: Now, we have got the first Next Big Thing of the school year. You know how this works. We show you something cool and you tell us what you think about it.

So, like Shelby just told us, a lot of people are getting nervous about their privacy, whether it be emails or phone calls. Well, one company says they have got the fix.

If you are one of a growing number worried about someone eavesdropping on your calls, a French company has a way for you to secure your phone and home. It is called Cryptosmart. By using a network as a middle point between you and your phone, it sets up a secure connection for your call. Just press a button on one of their special phones and it sends a signal to the Cryptosmart system to secure your call or text message. And if that phone gets lost or stolen, you can send a signal to your phone, wiping it clean.

So, what do you think? Are devices that block eavesdroppers the next big thing? Vote at and, next week, we will check out the results.


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