February 15, 2013

The NBT: Smart Highways

Are roads that glow the next big thing?

Julian: Last week, we showed you the Hi-call glove which lets you answer a call without you picking up your phone. But did you think it is the next big thing?

Seventy percent of you said, “Call me, maybe.” But thirty percent of you said, “I’m hanging up on this one.”

Now, driving at night is never easy. And it only gets worse when the roads are slippery and there aren’t enough lights around. But a new idea from a Dutch company just might be the solution.

Smart highways are coming to the Netherlands. These roads include glow-in-the-dark pavement and weather indicators that light up, depending on conditions. The paint used on these smart highways charges up in daylight, so they have about ten hours of illumination at night. Another type of road paint reacts to temperature changes and can warn drivers of dangerous road conditions. But that is not all. These roads may soon feature wind-powered lights and lanes that can actually charge electric cars as they travel on them.

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