May 3, 2013

The NBT: Solar Socket

Is a portable solar battery the next big thing?

Julian: We showed you the Leap Motion, which allows you to operate your computer without a mouse or keyboard. Just use your hands!

Eighty-nine percent of you said, “Yep, I’m making moves for it already.” Just eleven percent said, “I’m moving away from this one.”

Now, this week’s Next Big Thing was sent it to us by one of you! Thank you, Samantha B.

The Window Socket turns a window into a power generator. It has a suction plate on the bottom and the tiny solar panel converts the sun’s energy into electricity that can recharge small devices. The company behind the Window Socket says it takes five to eight hours to charge completely. Then it can be taken off the window and carried around to charge your devices. The Window Socket will hold the charge for ten hours.


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