August 23, 2013

The NBT: Touch TV


Scott: Today is Friday, and you know what that means. It is time to find out if we have found the next big thing.

Last week, we told you about Cryptochat, a way to secure your phone from eavesdroppers. But is it the next big thing? Sixty-eight percent of you said, ‘Yes, privacy is king.’ But thirty-two percent of you said, ‘No, that’s just not my thing.’

This week, we are talking about a device that brings the images you see on-screen into real life. And it is something you have to literally feel to believe.

NHK, a Japanese broadcasting company, has been developing the technology to see with your hands. People with a visual disability can now feel virtual objects. Using an attachment with five metal ball bearings, the device stimulates your finger as if an object were actually there. The device simulates the texture of an object, whether it is sharp or smooth. And you can even push against it. The device returns the pressure giving the illusion of reality.

So, what do you think? Is this hands-on technology really the next big thing? Well, head to to vote. And you know the drill. Next Friday we will show you the results.


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