April 27, 2012

The NBT: Vocaloids

Are virtual concerts the next big thing?

Maggie: So, what is the Next Big Thing? Well, you have seen American Idol and The Voice, right? This week we are talking about a new kind of pop star; one who never makes a mistake. Her name is Hatsune Miku. She has thousands of fans, not just in Japan but all around the world!

At her concerts, Hatsune sings every song without ever missing a beat and performs every dance move perfectly. But this singing sensation is not human! Hatsune Miku is completely computer generated and her singing is from a voice synthesizing program.

And maybe you have heard about the late Tupac Shakur performing at the Coachella music festival. The hip hop icon made the unusual appearance alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. How? Tupac was actually a 2D hologram. And now, there are rumors that the hologramed Tupac might go out on tour.

After all, Japan’s virtual singer Hatsune performed four concerts over a two-day period in Tokyo. Ten thousand tickets were sold, with each ticket going for 6,300 yen or $76 US.

And now, there are rumors that Justin Bieber might perform with a holographic Elvis!

2 comments on “The NBT: Vocaloids

  1. Avery Ware

    You should do another show of vocaloid for 2013 Miku (her first name) Hatsune (Hat-su-ney) is really popular where people are dressing as her for cosplay. vocaloid also now has miku english and miku append. plus there are so many vocaloids/utualoids that nobodly can get them all.they have there own video game project diva 1,2,extend,project diva dreamy theater 1,2,extend,project diva arcade ,version b, and future tone, project diva f , 2,project mirai ,2 and more so vocaloid is realy popular and its sad that people dont get how popular they are! so please help spread miku and her friends from version 1s to versions 3. any body can use it and have a way of owner ship in vocaloid. Every year vocaloid jumps a few steps in poularity with new toys, new snow miku, and video games.

  2. Taiga Ayakawa

    I totally agree that you should do a 2013 video of this! Hatsune Miku is the coolest Vocaloid out there! I also love Aoki Lapis, The Kagamine Twins, Kaito, Gumi, Lily, and More! She not only spawned of figurines and cosplay, she also spawned off Doujinshi! Record a 2013 video soon!


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