April 12, 2013

The NBT: Zipper T’s

Is a t-shirt-hoodie hybrid the next big thing?

Scott: Last week, we took a look at the new gadgets that are taking smartphones and putting them on your wrist. Hey, I am a watch man myself, but what did you think? Are smart watches the next big thing?

Eighty percent of you said yes, it’s time! But twenty percent of you said nope, I’m not watching out for that.

Okay, this week, it is a new take on a fashion staple. Take a t-shirt, add a zipper, and you have a whole other fashion statement in your closet. Or maybe just another option on those days you are feeling extra lazy.

Zippa T’s are made of polyester and cotton, and the zippers are molded plastic. Los Angeles entrepreneur Grant Bridges came up with the idea. And just this week, he went on social media to announce production is now underway. Zippa T’s are also made in a variety of colors.

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