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December 6, 2013

The Next Big Thing: Click to Fit


Shelby: Alright, guys. It has been a busy week, so let’s take a second to sit back, relax and check out this Next Big Thing. But first, let’s see what you thought about the Tile app from two weeks ago. It promises you will never lose anything again.

So is the Tile app the next big thing? An overwhelming 92% of you said, ‘Yes, I’d be lost without it!’ But 8% of you said, ‘No, get lost!’

Now this week, we all know that finding that perfect pair of jeans is no easy task. But some companies are coming up with ways to make it a little easier to find that right fit.

The device from Me-Ality looks like something from the future or an episode of Star Trek.

Ahmed Aslam: It uses 200,000 data points, so we don’t leave much to imagination.

Shelby: After it is done scanning your body with radio waves, the information is sent to a computer which can then tell you what your choices are.

Ahmed: The further this arrow goes, the better the fit is going to be to your body.

Shelby: But don’t ask the computer to help you with style. You are on your own for that one.

And Fits Me, a London-based company, is trying to give their shoppers an online fitting room. You have to put in your measurements and the image on screen changes to show you how that item would fit.

Peter Rankin: People are 60% less likely to return the garment because it is the wrong size.

Shelby: You can expect to see Fits Me in U.S. stores in the next five months.

So, is high-tech shopping the next big thing? We want to know what you think, so go vote over at


4 comments on “The Next Big Thing: Click to Fit

  1. gabrielle-gibson

    this is so cool I would love to use it because it is so far in technology that we may use flying cars eventually!

  2. gabrielle-gibson

    meality may use tons of data points but its is making us so much closer to technology than we were they need some of these in the malls in the us! that would be the best thing in the world even though im small it might work on me


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