January 17, 2014

The Next Big Thing: FitWall


Scott: It is that time of the week again – the Next Big Thing! Now, you know how this goes. Let’s see what you thought about last week’s.

Last week, we told you about smart sports, new sporting equipment that comes with embedded technology to help improve your game. Is it the next big thing?

Seventy-six percent of you said, ‘Yes, game on!’ But twenty-four percent of you said, ‘No, game off!’

And this week’s NBT is for those of you who are trying to work out a bit more in the New Year. It is called the Fitwall.

Fitwall is a workout machine that lets you climb, kick, stretch and squat. The forty-minute workout is focused on cardio and strength training, starting with activities called decompressives, like squats; moving onto fundamentals, like pull ups; and ending with sprints, or short bursts of activity. Users wear a monitor, dubbed ‘the peanut,’ strapped around their chest which sends data in real time to a nearby iPad via Bluetooth.

The system has been used by U.S. military and Special Forces, Olympic training centers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So what do you think? Is the Fitwall the next big thing? Well, vote over at


5 comments on “The Next Big Thing: FitWall

  1. Alyssa C. Underwood

    In my opinion the FitWall will be the next big thing for SURE. To me it looks like they are getting exercise too easily!

  2. Aedin

    I think it is a good idea because my cousin is in the Marines and he can’t go to the gym to much so if the marines get these they can get a little stronger and better

  3. David Criddle

    Yes. Because i could see the future. & be there for you.

    David (First Name) Jeffery (Middle Name) Criddle (Last Name

  4. Kailey L

    I think they would be the next big thing because instead of payindg to go to the gym you could just buy that and use that for everything you need to do


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