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October 11, 2013

The Next Big Thing: Kite Patch


Shelby: It is almost time to rap our way to the weekend, but first, let’s talk Next Big Thing.

Last week, we told you about Guardian Caps, an extra attachment for a football helmet that will cushion the blows. But is it the next big thing?

Fifty-one percent of you said, ‘Yes, I want a safer noggin!’ But forty-nine percent said, ‘No, my noggin is safe enough.’

Now this week, some entrepreneurs have discovered a way to get rid of a pesky insect – or at least make them less annoying.

The Kite Patch may be a solution for a problem we all would love to solve – those pesky mosquitos! Aside from the buzzing in your ears and the unbearable itchy bites, mosquitos are also carriers for serious diseases like malaria, West Nile virus and dengue fever all over the globe.

The Kite Patch uses non-toxic chemicals to block a mosquito’s ability to detect humans through carbon dioxide, and is designed to last 48 hours. No bites means no disease, so the Kite Patch may actually help prevent dangerous diseases from spreading.

After raising the funds on the website Indiegogo, the company that makes it plans to test the Kite Patch in areas hit hardest by malaria. If it works, it could make a big impact. For example, in Africa, every 30 seconds one child dies from malaria.

So, is the Kite Patch the next big thing? Go cast your vote over at


16 comments on “The Next Big Thing: Kite Patch

  1. Peyton Rameas

    Yes, I think it’s great, save the world one patch at a time. It will greatly help children who die from bites all over the world, especially in Africa.

  2. Garrett-steele

    It is a really good idea because it helps reduce concussions and that helps schools not get sewed so they can still have sports. But is it padded enough

  3. Kourtnei-Romig

    Yes i hate mosquitoes and i wish they would just stop bothering us. The itches they are giving me are driving me nuts. Bring on the Kite Patch!!


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