May 24, 2013

The Next Big Thing: Scented Smart Phones


Maggie: So, let’s see what you think of this week’s discovery! It is a new type of add-on for your iPhone that let’s you add a little scent to your messages, or change up your gaming routine with the smell of victory. It is called the Scentee. And at the command of an app, a liquid refill connected to your phone disperses whatever scent you have chosen into the air. All sorts of different scents can be purchased and attached.


3 comments on “The Next Big Thing: Scented Smart Phones

  1. Ecthelion-Nelaclar

    A scented phone will not help our society to thrive, grow, or expand. It is merely an excuse for thinking (with all due respect). Our primary cause for thinking of the “Next big thing” is to help our young generations grow more complicated in thinking and in acting. An easier life is what that brings I assure you. This is completely and outlandishly humbug.


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