January 10, 2014

The Next Big Thing: Smart Sports Stats


Maggie: Speaking of cool, new gadgets, let’s keep talking with this week’s Next Big Thing. But first, let’s see what you thought about last week’s. We showed you a device designed to keep drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel. Is it the next big thing? Sixty-two percent of you said, ‘Yes, wake me up!’ But thirty-eight percent of you said, ‘No, it’s a snooze.’ Now here are a couple new tech toys from CES, made especially for the sports fanatic. Want to improve your shot? Well, you might want to try the 94Fifty smart basketball. It measures any force on the ball, including speed, backspin and the arc of your shot. The ball sends that info straight to your iOS device in real time. And if you are looking to become the next Serena Williams, check out this connected tennis racket from Babolat. It can recognize and memorize how you swing your arm, measuring power, impact location, number of strokes, spin and type of stroke. So what do you think? Is smart sports gear the next big thing? Head on over to to cast your vote.


6 comments on “The Next Big Thing: Smart Sports Stats

  1. Room 117

    Austin thinks the basketball is a great idea for anyone that wants to play basketball.
    Luis thinks it is awesome!!
    Jose thinks it will help with the accuracy of your shot.

  2. amauri friday

    i like it because it can improve are skills but i don’t get how the tech in the basketball doesn’t break :( ??


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