April 19, 2013

The Next Big Thing: Water billboard

Is a billboard that collects water from air the next big thing?

Scott: Last week, we introduced you to the Zippa-T, the t-shirt with a zipper. So, what did you think? Well, 42% of you said, sure, “zip me up!” But 58% of you said, uh-uh, “that’s a fashion faux pas.”

This week, we are looking at something much taller than your average Next Big Thing. It is called the potable water generator billboard. So, what is it? It is an advertisement for the University of Technology and Engineering in Lima, Peru. But this billboard also does something else. It is able to actually generate drinkable water from the atmosphere.

The sign uses five generators and a process called reverse osmosis to take humidity from the air and covert it into drinking water. Lima has a lot of water in its air and it is usually very humid there. But the city only gets about half-an-inch of actual rain every year. So, water is precious. And this billboard is able to produce about twenty-six gallons of water every day.



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