February 26, 2012
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The Parlotones


It was a little tricky to get in touch with The Parlotones’ front man Kahn Morbee. And it’s not because he’s a part of one of the biggest bands in his home country. Turns out, cell reception is much better in rural South Africa when you’re standing on a hill. Once that got worked out, Morbee was able to give us the scoop on his band, which “got together in high school and started by practicing in their parents’ garages.” He also mentioned their performance during the World Cup events stating, “we were really very proud to be a part of it” and “want to create something that speaks to people about their lives.”

They way go about creating that music is pretty standard. “I come to the band with something acoustic and we work on it together. In the process we feed off each other and find what works.” Which is not to say that the result of their collaboration is standard. Morbee explains that “every album is really about observation and experience, and we try to create a synopsis of life as we know it at that time.” Sounds pretty epic, actually.

He also shared with us what might be the secret of his band’s success. “It’s all about the song. The start of the show is the song. First and foremost, the musicians are there to compliment the song. So if the drummer does nothing on a particular track, that’s OK. Not every song needs the kitchen sink.” You can hear three of those songs below, and you can hear the band live in the spring when they swing through the U.S. on another tour. Until then, like with lots of other life experiences, you can find them on Facebook.

“Fight Back”

“Life Design”

“We Call This Dancing”




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