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The Play of the Week
January 13, 2014

The Play of the Week: 1.13.14


Maggie: Okay. Now it is time for today’s Play of the Week, coming to you from St. Columbkille School in Parma, Ohio.

The game is tied at 22, and the ball is passed around with only seconds left to go. It is fired up from 30 feet away. And it is good! That is the game-winner from seventh grader Joe Horoszko!

Let’s see that one more time. Good shot, Joe! And way to end a game, Crusaders!

With all this winter weather, we know you guys are out there in the snow. And some of you must have a go pro! So send us your footage of skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, making snow angels, whatever. And it might just end up as our Play of the Week!


2 comments on “The Play of the Week: 1.13.14

  1. nathaniel noleaf

    hey channel one how are you guys chilly weather isn’t it well any ways I got to go get back to me bye :)


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