September 9, 2013

The Play of the Week: 9.9.2013


Maggie: Now, Mondays mean Play of the Week! And as I am sure you already know, football season has started up across the country. And for Lewiston High School in Idaho, things got pretty exciting for their very first play of the season.

It is a matchup between the Lakeland Hawks and the Lewiston Bengals. Bengals junior Andres Nunez is off and running with the kickoff, and Lakeland High doesn’t have an answer. He is blowing by defenders, and with the help of some of the linebackers, he makes it the entire ninety-six yards, all the way into the end zone! Great job, Bengals!

Did you catch an awesome kick, goal, dunk, dive or touchdown on camera? Well, we want to see it! Upload it over at And who knows, yours might just make it as our next Play of the Week.


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