The Play of the Week

Part of my job here at Channel One is producing the Play of the Week segment every Sunday. Watching your submitted plays every week is fun, but it would be great if there were more of them. 

I hope that everyone who thinks they have something they want to show us, goes ahead and uploads it! Every week we get football, and basketball plays, but I don?t see many soccer plays. And what about baseball? (I expect this to pick up when baseball season actually starts.) The bottom line is don?t be shy, just bring a camera along with you to record your sports shenanigans. I look forward to seeing them!

ps: I would like to apologize again for messing up the school information last week — I cannot promise that I won?t make mistakes, but I can promise that I
will do my best not to make them in the foreseeable future.

One comment on “The Play of the Week

  1. alysa

    I love channel one my history teacher puts it on for us at school. I am super excited to see what t you. Will do this week!


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