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November 4, 2013

The Play of the Year?


Scott: This next one, we are calling the Play of the Year!

Now, here is a recap of the play and a little post-game analysis. Check it out.

Between classes, they planned and plotted. For weeks, the football players here at Olivet Middle School in Olivet, Michigan secretly worked out a remarkable play.

Nick Jungel: Everyone was in on it.

Parker Smith: But the coaches didn’t know anything about it. So we were, like, going behind their backs.

Justice Miller: It’s just, like, to make someone’s day, make someone’s week, just make them happy.

Scott: The play, which was two plays, actually, happened at a home game recently. The first part of their plan was to try to get as close to the goal line as possible without scoring, even if it meant taking a dive on the one-yard line, which it did. The crowd was not happy.

Parker: Us kids knew, “Hey, we got this. This is our time. This is Keith’s time.”

Scott: Keith Orr is the kid in the brown jacket.

Keith Orr: Hug!

Scott: He is learning disabled and struggles with boundaries, but in the sweetest possible way.

Keith: Hug!

Scott: Because of his special nature, it is no surprise that Keith embraces his fellow football players. But what is surprising is how they have embraced him.

Parker: We thought it would be cool to do something for him.

Nick: Because we really wanted to prove that he was part of our team and he meant a lot to us.

Justice: Nothing can really explain getting a touchdown when you’ve never had one before.

Scott: Which brings us to part two of their play. If you didn’t see Keith, it is because they were so protective of him, but he is in the middle of that rush. He described the moment in one word.

Keith: Awesome!

Carrie Orr: It was like, ‘Did he just score a touchdown?’

Jim: Get your camera out!

Scott: Keith’s parents almost missed the moment, but they got the significance.

Carrie: Somebody’s always going to have his back, from now until the day he graduates.

Scott: And she is right. When the football team decides you are cool, pretty much everyone else agrees. Today, Keith is a new kid. But by no means was he the only one who was touched by the moment.

Justice: It was like, once I saw him go in, I was smiling about like here.

Scott: Justice Miller is the team’s wide receiver.

Justice: Like, nothing could wipe that smile off my face. He’s never been, like, cool or popular. And he went from being, like, pretty much a nobody to making everyone’s day.

I kind of went from being somebody who mostly cared about myself and my friends to caring about everyone and trying to make everyone’s day and everyone’s life.

Scott: Which may just make that touchdown the most successful football play of all time.


16 comments on “The Play of the Year?

  1. Cynthia

    This segment was perfect to illustrate how powerful kids can be and how their choices can positively affect others. I used it in my citizenship class. Wonderful story.

  2. Gavin Bishop

    i like to see kids finally get helped and not bullied. I also like to see how the other students are helping him get to where he fits in.

  3. Julia Berndt

    I really don’t think so. I mean it was a good play in all but a star play? Err not so sure about that. Go Cards!

  4. Danielle Byrd

    That was so sweet, not going to lie that Justice Miller kid was so cute. Then the kid that they helped is so sweet I just wanted to give him a hug.

  5. William E. Donges III MSEd.

    Excellent. To see student athletes show such leadership and inclusion gives me hope that the current generation may be more sensible than those that precede it.

  6. amber

    i so love this show so much keep up the good work everyone i love seeing your show when im at school and maggie and the other girl i think u two are the best. keep this show going i never want this show to end keep the love and heart that u all have. Have a greatday and i will enjoy your show tomorrow. love u all.

  7. Lauren Totherow

    This will set example in many life’s. Its good to see people not getting bullied everyone needs to help people out every once in a while

  8. Savanna

    This segment was perfect. I wish more people were like this. It really touches my heart to know that there are some people like this left in the world.

  9. kelsie-taylor

    that made my day cause i watch channel one in my class room in mrs.moffett room and it bout made me cry it was so sweet!!


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