April 25, 2013

The Pop Quiz Challenge

What part of the world did a meteor hit this February?

Julian: You know, there are certain things that get me really excited about the spring: warm weather, blooming flowers and, of course, Channel One News’ Pop Quiz Challenge. So, here is an ABC Family star to get you pumped!

Keegan Allen: Hi! I’m Katie Leclerc from ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. Check out our new season starting this June. I’m here to get you warmed up for this year’s Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge! So, here is a practice question for you:

In February, a 60-foot-wide meteor streaked towards Earth and exploded with the power of thirty nuclear bombs. The shockwave damaged thousands of nearby buildings and injured around 1,500 people.

Where did the meteor hit? Was it:

A. Russia

B. Ukraine

C. China

D. Germany

You have got five seconds.

Time is up! The answer is “A,” Russia.

Now, if you got that right and you think you have what it takes to compete in the Pop Quiz Challenge, go to now to enter your school.


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