September 13, 2011

The President’s Jobs Bill

President Obama is urging Americans to urge Congress to pass the bill.

Sharon: Thanks, Jess.

So, the mission is on for President Obama as he tries to build support for his new American jobs bill that he hopes will speed things up in the economy. Billions of dollars and the approval from Congress are needed to seal the deal. Lawmakers got the first look at the plan Monday before the president officially sent the bill to Congress.

President Obama: This is a bill that is based on ideas from both Democrats and Republicans, and this is the bill that Congress needs to pass.

Sharon: So, the economy needs to pick up. Both Democrats and Republicans agree on this,  but the divide is on the heavy price tag of President Obama’s plan that adds up to $447 billion.

“We all opposed the stimulus program because we felt spending money from Washington — borrowed money, tax money — was not the answer.”

Sharon: With the president’s approval ratings on the track downhill and the presidential campaign starting up, it is questionable whether the bill will be enough to win over the Republican party.

So, what is next? The president will hit the road this week to try and win the support of voters in Ohio and North Carolina. And with just fourteen months before the 2012 elections, it is no secret that time is ticking for the president to turn around the unemployment rate. It is a fight many say he cannot afford to lose.

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