May 12, 2014

The Prom!


Maggie: Prom season is in full swing. But with it can come the stress of finding the perfect dress and matching tux, and trying to sort out who is in which limo. But as these prom stories from all across the country show, the night is about so much more. Take a look.

This year’s prom season has seen its share of flash and fun and unforgettable memories. From larger-than-life promposals big enough to fit on a billboard in Evansville, Indiana…

Girl: Yes! Of course!

Maggie: To once-in-a-lifetime venues, like these lucky students from South Garland High School in Texas who ended up dancing the night away at the Cowboys’ football stadium.

Girl: I can’t even believe I’m here! It’s amazing!

Maggie: And even a chicken corsage! Yep. The national demand for this crispy corsage has this florist in Louisville, Kentucky working overtime.

Florist: I was too chicken to ask you in person.

Maggie: But prom season is about more than glitzy glamour and big parties; it is about celebrating your friends and community. And students in Fontana, California did just that.

Cody Smith is a football player at Riverside Poly High School. He has been battling cancer for more than a year and was too sick to make it to his prom. So instead, his friends brought the dance to him, giving him the night’s biggest honor, naming him prom king.

Morgan Pearson: We are here for him; we are supporting him and making his night better.

Maggie: Being in the hospital shouldn’t mean having to miss out on the big night. That is why every year L.A. Children’s Hospital throws a prom of champions for its patients, complete with limos and even a streetcar to drop off these special guests in style.

Girl: I heard it’s going to be fun!

Maggie: More than 60 volunteers and 50 sponsors help get the students ready, applying make up and teasing hair, all for a walk down the red carpet to the dance.

Because prom is a chance for everyone to feel special.

In Riverton, Utah, the thrill of wearing the prom queen’s crown was passed around.

Kendra Muller: I didn’t even know I was going to get it, so it was kind of a surprise.

Maggie: Kendra Muller was paralyzed in an accident a few years ago. Friends say she is always smiling and well deserving of the honor. But Kendra decided that she wanted to pay it forward and share the smiles with someone else.

Kendra: I was honored and happy, but I really felt like Amanda would be even more happy and more honored to get it.

Maggie: Passing the crown to Amanda Belnap, a special needs student at Riverton High School.

Amanda Belnap: I was really happy! And she gave me a cute note.

Maggie: Two girls achieving prom’s highest honor, backed by the bond of their entire school.

But not everyone can afford to go to prom. Between the ticket, the dress and the limo, the average student spends around $1,000 on the night. So, communities across the country rallied to help teens foot the bill. In Los Angeles, students who are homeless or living in poverty were treated to a total prom package, complete with the dress, a fitting and free shoes, thanks to the Assistance League of Los Angeles in Hollywood.

Girl: Maybe we don’t have enough money to buy our dress and enjoy the night of our prom, so they’re helping us out, and I thing that’s really nice.

Maggie: And in Riverside, California, Albert Luna didn’t know if he could afford to go to prom because his parents are out of work. But after a family friend went on Facebook asking for help, people in the community donated everything, from his ride to his tuxedo.

Albert Luna: I feel like a million bucks right now! I look like a G!

Maggie: Feeling like a million bucks, prom is the chance to celebrate the end of the school year surrounded by your classmates under prom’s bright lights, making lifelong memories on the dance floor.

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