The Quidditch Pitch


The bludgers are out and the golden snitch has just whizzed by — grab the quaffle and fly across the quidditch pitch — but wait. You can’t fly. No matter, hold on to your broom and head to the goal to score against the other team.

Join in on the fun of the fictional sport, made real life hobby (see gallery below), in our Quidditch Quiz. Discover just how much you know about this beloved sport played by Potter fans — and at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the world of Harry Potter.

Do you know beaters from bludgers and how many points the golden snitch is worth? We challenge you to a match of wits before you head to the field on your broom.


Test your Quidditch IQ in this quiz all about the high-flying wizard sport.



15 comments on “The Quidditch Pitch

  1. Hannahlynne

    I <3 Harry Potter! When I was little I would sit in front of the TV even at wallmart and watch the whole movie and no one could stop me from doing it ether.

  2. Sarah-Jones

    I didn’t even know there was Muggle Quidditch until now.
    I’m so going to try it out! I better re-read Harry Potter,I’m falling behind :3


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