February 18, 2012
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The Rassle


About a year ago, four guys got together in a Brooklyn apartment to record some songs. Two of them were Reed and Blair Van Nort, brothers from Austin, Texas. The other two, Mark Solamich and Erik Ratensperger are the bassist and drummer, respectively. The result was a four-song EP which got a little buzz when they put it up on their website.

It makes sense that the EP is out there on the internet, for everyone to grab, since a lot of what’s on the internet influenced what made it onto the EP, Reed explained in an interview. He and his brother, who take care of the songwriting for the band, are constantly comparing notes about ideas they get after listening to stuff they both find interesting or that can provide an answer for something they’re trying to work out in a song. It works both ways, of course. The band is happy to be able to connect with fans — or potiential fans — in a way that wasn’t really possible a few years ago.

“It breaks down the barrier and makes you so much more available,” Van Nort explained. People can check them out, download songs “even find out that we ate Mexican food the night before, if that’s what they want to do.” Giving “visibility to artists that your wouldn’t have heard of otherwise,” of course, is the best part. Some of the bands he’s listening to right now, including The Vaccines, The Black Lips, even Arcade Fire, have gained popularity doing just that.

And will the same thing work for The Rassle? Since recording that EP, they’ve been touring locally and building on that intial buzz — and following their own advice to young musicians. “Listening to music is always helpful, write as much as you can and keep your head down and do what you do.”


“Full Speed Ahead”


“Wild Ones”



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