The Royalty


There are five enthusistic members of the El Paso, Texas-based band The Royalty. And when they’re all on the phone together, their enthusiasm is infectious — even when it’s a little challenging to figure out who everyone is. The exception, of course, is singer Nicole Boudreau since she’s the only girl.

Nicole joined guitarist Jesus Apodaca, bassist Will Daugherty, keyboardist Daniel Marin and drummer Joel Quintana soon after graduating from college. The guys all had various careers before the band got together ranging from teaching high school orchestra (Jesus) to being an anchor at the local television station (Daniel) to being a grad student in engineering (Joel) — actually making them what might be the most perfect pick for Channel One News in Hear it Now history. Their sound — which MTV pretty accurately described as “like Amy Winehouse went on holiday with Vampire Weekend,” is upbeat and melodic with a retro influence that’s well, infectious, much like their enthusiasm.

That songwriting style is influenced by everyone in the band — sometimes someone brings in an entire song, then they get stripped down as everyone figures out their parts. They describe themselves as “extremely collaborative.” The track “Mr. Hyde,” which in on their album Lovers is an example of that. The bridge sounded like a mad scientist to everyone, so the lyrics, and theme, developed from there.

They all grew up with music, qualifying them to give the following advice: “Practice every day! Five hours a day, whatever it takes. Also, listen to music. It’s so much easier with the internet than it once was.” So when you’re ready, you can start doing that listening right here, right now, with this band.

“I Want You”

“Mr. Hyde”

“Please Lie”





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