The Sandy Diaries: Part 2

Editor’s Note: Channel One News is produced in New York, and many of our reporters, producers and staff members were caught up in the superstorm that hit the city Monday. Shelby Holliday lives in Manhattan and had her camera by her side throughout the experience.

Tuesday, October 30

8 a.m.: I woke up to find that most of Lower Manhattan was still powerless. Cell-phone service was also down in some areas, but the sun was starting to shine and people were out walking around and surveying the damage. Lots of trees had fallen into the streets. There was also a lot of damage to power lines and intersections.

11 a.m.: I walked to work to check in and charge my cell phones. Lower Manhattan was a mess, but everything above 34th Street looked pretty good.

3 p.m.: I finally found some food! Stores and restaurants above 34th were starting to open.

4 p.m.: I decided to head back to the Chelsea neighborhood to check on my apartment. I found it was still without power, and I learned it could be a few days before we get it back. Time to clean out the fridge?

Click here to see the photos.

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